Get a Home Energy Score Exemption, Waiver, or Free Report

free portland home energy score

Portland’s Home Energy Score policy is strict. If you’re selling a home in Portland, you pretty much always have to get the Energy Score. But, there are some exceptions. For example, would you get a home energy score on a home whose roof has collapsed? What if the seller is putting the home on the market because of financial distress?

The answers are: No, of course not, and there are free Home Energy Score Reports available to Portland homeowners who qualify. Getting help can be as easy as filling out an online form, or by sending an email with the proper documentation.

Here’s your Portland guide to which form to fill out for an exemption or a waiver, who qualifies, and how to get a free Home Energy Score Report if the cost of the report is a financial burden.

How to Apply for a Portland Home Energy Score Exemption

The Portland Home Energy Score Administrative Rules allow a home to skip the home energy score assessment under special circumstances, including:

  • Home is in foreclosure, being sold in lieu of foreclosure, or a pre-foreclosure sale
  • Home is part of a trustee’s sale
  • Home will be sold at a public auction because of property taxes due
  • Home is uninhabitable due to a casualty (eg fire, earthquake, landslide)
  • Home has been condemned by a government agency
  • Special circumstances as described in the Administrative Rules

If any of these circumstances apply, sellers may apply for an exemption to the Portland Home Energy Score requirement, but they have to do so 10 business days before listing the home for sale.

Thankfully, it’s easy to apply for the exemption online — as long as you can provide proof of the reason given for exemption. Eligible proof of the home’s status — whether it’s in foreclosure, uninhabitable, or any other reason — is an official written notification of the condition from a public agency, court or financial institution. This document must clearly indicate the home’s address.

What about Waivers?

Homebuilders who build high-performance homes but do not score them using the same system as the City of Portland may receive a waiver for the Home Energy Score. This situation does not apply to most Portland home sellers, so we’re not covering it in detail here.

How to Get a Free Portland Home Energy Score

If you’re low-income qualified, you still have to get a Home Energy Score Report to sell your home, but the City of Portland will provide you with one at no charge.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Determine if you make 60% or less of the area median income (AMI). Go to the Portland Housing Bureau website, input your household size and income, and the grey numbers will change to indicate your AMI.
  2. Fill out the form online, providing proof of participation in a qualifying program (SNAP, Home Energy Assistance, etc.) If you don’t participate in any of the programs listed, you must fill out an Attestation Form.
  3. The City of Portland will contact you regarding your free Home Energy Score. Yes, it’s that easy!

Don’t qualify for an exemption, waiver or free Home Energy Score? Our services are affordable and convenient. Avoid the fines and give your home the competitive advantage of our comprehensive Portland Home Energy Score. Schedule online today.