Mandatory Home Energy Scores – Milwaukie, Oregon

milwaukie home energy scores

The city of Milwaukie in Oregon is mandating home energy scores that fall within its boundaries starting tomorrow, Oct. 1st. 2020. This mandate for energy scores will cover most homes but there are a list of exceptions (think mobile homes, floating homes, foreclosures – and other unusual situations or property types). The requirement is for a home seller to provide a home energy score when advertising a home for sale (for sale by owner or with a licensed Broker in Oregon). The mandatory home energy scores are part of Milwaukie’s greater climate action plan.

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Milwaukie Home Energy Score Boundary Map

Click the image to see the most updated version of the Milwaukie energy score map boundaries.

Milwaukie Home Energy Score Exceptions

  • Manufactured homes.
  • Mobile homes.
  • Multiple housing units that are vertically stacked, such as a two-story four-plex, or an apartment building or condo where the unit owner does not own the space from the foundation to the attic.
  • Floating homes.
  • Detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
  • Single-dwelling units used primarily for commercial purposes.

Milwaukie Home Energy Score Violations and Fines

First the city will send you a warning letter and then they may assess a civil penalty of up to $500 and that will repeat every 90 days period (fines up to $500). See the city of Milwaukie’s page on all things home energy score.

Home Energy Scores Help Buyers Compare Home Energy Costs

The energy score report must be available in the home (printed report) and online where the home is listed for sale. The report gives a value from 1 – 10 (similar to Portland’s home energy score ordinance) that helps home buyers easily compare costs of ownership while shopping for their next property.

More Oregon Home Energy Score Mandates are Coming

While the city of Portland was the first city in Oregon to develop a mandatory home energy score program, Milwaukie is the first to start one within a greater Oregon plan. As taken from their website, “Milwaukie is the first city to implement a mandatory Home Energy Score program under Oregon Department of Energy’s statewide HES program network.” Many in the industry expect more Oregon cities to follow in Milwaukie’s footsteps.