Why Get a Home Energy Score Before Selling a Home?

Since January 1, 2018, all residents who wish to publicly list their homes for sale in Portland are legally required to get and disclose a Home Energy Score Report (HESR) with few exceptions. This report makes transparent the home’s energy use, costs, and cost-effective solutions for greater energy efficiency. For more information about the HESR, read our article, “What is a Home Energy Score Report?”

Even if you aren’t in the market to sell your home, there are other good reasons for getting a Home Energy Score Report. In this article, we look at all the whys and hows associated with getting a professional HESR.

Reasons to Get a Professional Home Energy Score Assessment in Portland

Selling your home isn’t the only reason to get a home energy assessment. It isn’t a bad idea to have one done before selling so you’ll be aware of areas where you can make improvements. Then, if and when you do decide to sell, you’ll already have taken steps remedy potential problems. This will streamline your selling process and potentially help you budget for repairs and improvements.

Why should you get a Home Energy Score Report?

  • It’s required by law—If you want to sell your home in Portland, the city requires that you have a home energy assessment (in most cases).
  • It’s good for your budget—Having a home energy assessment could bring to light places in your home that are draining energy and wasting you money. Conducting an assessment could save you hundreds of dollars every year.
  • It’s good for resale—Besides being a legal requirement, informing potential sellers about the status of your home’s energy efficiency answers questions and makes it easier for them to make decisions. With more information up front, they’ll be in a better position to make an informed official offer.
  • It’s good for the environment—Not only will a home energy assessment likely save you money, it will lighten your home’s environmental footprint and lower its energy impact—better for your community, better for the world!

Preparing for Your Professional Home Energy Score Assessment

Before you hire a professional to come to your home to conduct a home energy assessment, there are several steps you can take to make the most of it and streamline the process.

  • Pick the “low hanging fruit”: Some items and areas, you can take care of on your own. Some you can’t. See our list of potential DIY home energy score fixes here.
  • Improve access: Making all the areas in your home that need to be assessed easy to get to.
  • Make a list of questions: Do a little research beforehand and be ready to ask questions when the professional shows up to do their job.
  • Have your paperwork ready: any information on your windows, insulation type, and appliances models can help the assessor give a more accurate score.

For a more detailed breakdown of each of these items, see our article, “5 Things To Do Before a Home Energy Score.”

Choosing a Professional Home Energy Score Provider

As with any repair, appraisal, or assessment on your home, it’s important to hire an experienced and trusted company or individual to conduct your home energy score assessment. Referrals can be helpful, but to remove the guesswork for you, we’ve created a Guide to Choose a Home Energy Score Provider.

To begin your search, check out this list of home energy score assessors in Portland and surrounding areas. Of course, we hope you’ll consider our services as well. We’ve been performing energy scores in Portland and surrounding areas since the program was first launched.