1. Violations if you advertise your Portland, Hillsboro, or Milwaukie jurisdiction home for sale without a home energy score: $500 fines until resolved.

2. Home Energy Scores are good for eight years, but…

3. The scores can be voided before the eight years are up if you make alterations to the home that could impact the score results, such as changes to the mechanical systems, energy efficiency, or square footage.

4. For sale by owner or Realty listed homes must both have a home energy score before advertising the home for sale.

5. The score must be included in any online advertisements and there must be copies in the home. (We provide 30 color score flyers and a PDF onsite, at the time of service.)

6. All scores are publicly available, listed at GreenBuildingRegistry.com

7. There are some possible exemptions like trustee, foreclosure, and short sales. Visit the City of Portland’s or City of Milwaukie’s home energy score page to learn more.