Does your home require a home energy score?
Find out now! Go to, put in your address, and look under jurisdiction. If Portland is listed as the city, you have to get a score before advertising your home for sale if your home is considered a covered dwelling. Basically, covered dwellings are all homes on their own lot, so townhomes, regular detached homes, duplexes, and more. High-rise condo units do not have to get a score. See the city of Portland’s final administrative rules about the home energy score to get all the facts about potential energy score exemptions. There is also a sample home energy score available there.

Not required? Why to get a score anyway:
If your home is for sale in the greater Portland metro area, Portland home buyers are going to get use to seeing home energy scores throughout the city proper. The buyers are going to get used to comparing one home against another based on the energy score. But wait – your home doesn’t have one! Since it is relatively easy to get a home energy score, and you are likely going to attract Portland home buyers, you might want to get a score even if it is not required (especially if you think your home will get a high score!).