2023 Energy Rebates and Incentives List for Oregon

oregon energy rebates

Before you conduct an energy update to your home, whether your planning on replacing appliances, insulation, windows, HVAC systems, thermostats, or install solar, it is important to check for any rebates or monetary incentives being offered by the Federal government, and also local state programs, down to the level of the specific utility company serving your property. We’ve broken down some options for you below, but there is always more out there, and we encourage our clients to look around extensively online before making a final purchase.

More than One Advantage to a Home Energy Upgrade

Most green energy updates to your home will increase your home energy score, a report that must be advertised along with any home for sale in the city of Portland, Milwaukie, or Hillsboro. So there is added incentive! Not only could you save money on your utilities now with an energy upgrade, but your home might also sell for more when the time comes, due to having a higher energy score. Portland, Oregon has also been experiencing more extreme weather it seems as each year goes by, making home energy savings that much more important than it used to be, not only in terms of savings, but also safety (consider a home storage battery, or a property strapped new water heater installed).

Two Major Sources for Oregon Energy Rebates

In Oregon, there are two local sites you should always check for energy rebates and incentives. The first is a list of current energy incentives on the official state of Oregon site. The second is a big non-profit serving Oregon called Energy Trust of Oregon, that helps consumers connect with local contracts to obtain these energy rebates and incentives.

The list below of available energy rebates and incentives is not comprehensive.

Oregon Solar Rebates

Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program Unlikely many energy rebate programs, there is a no income restriction option for this rebate. Note that the rebate not only requires the installation of solar panels, but also of a home energy battery (storage).

Oregon Heat Pump Rebates

Landlords can apply for rebates for up to 100% of the cost of installing cooling equipment in multifamily and manufactured parks housing.

Heat Pump Incentive Programs (You can read about a new incentive in the works and sign up for email updates here.)

Portland General Electric Incentives Bookmark this page for ongoing heat pump and other related energy rebates and incentives offered by PGE (if they are your utility service).

Oregon Gas Furnace Rebates

Northwest Natural Gas Rebates and Incentives Bookmark this page for all available rebates and offers from Northwest Natural Gas (if they are your provider).

Oregon Water Heater Rebates

Portland General Electric Incentives

Northwest Natural Gas Rebates and Incentives

Oregon Smart Thermostat Rebates

Portland General Electric Incentives

Oregon Gas Fireplace Rebates

Northwest Natural Gas Rebates and Incentives

Oregon Insulation Rebates

Save $0.30–$1.25 per sq. ft.

Oregon Misc. Energy Rebates

Community Renewable Energy Grant Program This is a community project opportunity held by the state of Oregon for local energy programs.