Hillsboro Home Energy Score Program – 2022 Update

The possibility of the Hillsboro Home Energy Score Program we wrote about back in June is now a reality. Though not an official vote, community response to a survey of 700 about the proposed program was almost evenly divided with 47% in favor, 49% opposed, and 4% neutral.

Back in May 2021, Hillsboro city council indicated they would vote positively for the mandatory program, noting climate change as the primary factor in their decision.

Read our past post on the subject to see why those surveyed were for and against the change.

When Does the Hillsboro Home Energy Score Program Take Effect?

According to the City of Hillsboro, the program went into effect on September 1, 2021, meaning that only homes listed for sale from that date forward will be impacted by the program requirements. Homes listed prior to September 1 will not.

With the new program in place, home sellers must now obtain and disclose a Home Energy Score and Report before listing their homes if the property is:

  • Located within Hillsboro city boundaries
  • A detached single-dwelling unit on its own lot 
  • An attached unit—like duplex, condo, townhouse, or row house—whether or not the unit is on its own lot

Hillsboro Home Energy Score Program Exemptions

Stacked units, including apartment buildings, are exempt from the program. In addition, personal exemptions and other building type exemptions may also apply.

For the full list of exemptions and common FAQs, view the full report here.

How Does the Program Work?

To give an idea of what the program encompasses, here’s an image of a Home Energy Score Card from oregon.gov.

Why Have a Home Energy Score Program in Hillsboro?

In addition to concerns about climate change, the report cites several community benefits.

  • To provide information about a home’s energy use and cost
  • To provide consumer protection
  • To provide a standard method to compare energy efficiency and costs between homes
  • To improve indoor health when heating and ventilation improvements are made
  • To provide documentation for federal lending programs that finance energy efficiency improvements in mortgages
  • To aid the development of energy efficiency incentives

How Do You Choose a Home Energy Score Provider?

With so many options in Portland for home energy score providers, it’s hard to know where to start. Check out our post, “Guide to Choose a Home Energy Score Provider,” for helpful tips to get you moving in the right direction. When you’re ready we’d love to perform your Hillsboro Home Energy Score. You can easily schedule and pay online on this website, just hit our “schedule now” button at the top.